Nature surprises

A few days ago, I discovered seedlings of the Cymbidium findlaysonianum in a pot where i am growing a Vanda teres var. Bandung. From a neighboring plant the fruit capsules must have opped in january. The wind helped to brings the seeds into its new home. Now I already can count 12 seedlings, probaly more to come.

Rhyncostylis coelestis

As you know, the seeds of the Cymbidium findlaysonianum or aloifolium are flying in the air here in the North of Thailand. That's the reason why you easily find the plants growing in trees, under bridges and so on.. Surely I will let them grown in the pots where they are now. After one year I will try to re-pot them. Some I might even plant in a tree growing in the garden to "create" epiphytes.

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